Why hire in the Philippines?

  • The Philippines has hard-working, talented people with English proficiency and a knack for Internet technologies.
  • The lower cost of living means you'll save on payroll while giving your new hire a great wage.
  • Many Filipinos are used to working US hours so you don't have to worry about time zone overlap.
  • You'll likely see far less churn with Filipino employees, which is an issue in the US (The great resignation).

What's the difference in compensation between the US and the Philippines?

Average compensation for similar roles is about 80-85% less than US equivalents due to the difference in the cost of living.

What roles can you hire in the Philippines?

There's lots of talent in sales, lead generation, customer support, operations, bookkeeping, software development, and more. See some of our customer stories.

What hours or time zones do people work in the Philippines?

Most Filipinos have worked for companies in the US, United Kingdom, Japan or Australia. They're used to working other countries' time zones for customer-facing roles and are usually open to a few hours of overlap for project-based work (eg. Software development or list building).