How a large restaurant chain hired a bookkeeper in the Philippines for $1,000 per month

Landon Bennett2022-08-03

About our customer

Our customer is an investment firm that owns and operates dozens of franchise locations of a publicly traded restaurant in the US. They have a strong belief that "mainstreet" businesses are here to stay, and can be more profitable through technology and modern operations.

The role: Bookkeeper

Our customer had previously hired a bookkeeper in the US, but that person cost too much and meeting the expectations of the role. They wanted to find someone that cost less than US equivalents, was detail oriented and could handle more accounting-related tasks such as payroll and reporting. They were okay with the person being remote, but the person needed to "speak great English" because they would need to be able to communicate with restaurant GMs in Ohio and other states.

Who did we help them hire in the Philippines?

We found a few solid candidates for them, but they ended up hiring Kimberly. The customer considered hiring more than one candidate because they were both bookkeepers were so good. Kimberly had many years of experience as a remote bookkeeper working for companies in the US, Japan, and Australia. She also spoke near-perfect English and was a YouTuber on the side as a hobby.

What was the salary?

The salary was for a full-time role paying $1,000 per month. Kimberly would work a schedule that overlapped with the customer's time zone for 4 hours a day. This provided Kimberly with more than what she was making before, a more consistent paying job, and more convenient hours for her. A true win-win!

Interested in hiring a bookkeeper or accountant in the Philippines?

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