How a startup studio hired a research analyst in the Philippines for $1,000 per month

Landon Bennett2022-09-01

About our customer

Our customer was an Atlanta-based startup studio that was doing research on multiple markets to find opportunities to build companies. They're focused on building tech companies to make your local life better (neighborhoods).

The role: Research analyst & Data input

Our customer is doing loads of market research and they've built out a system for collecting and storing this data inside of a tool called Roam Research. However, this work is incredibly time-consuming. Because they've created a repeatable system for this research, delegating this work became the next priority. They were looking for a candidate who:

  • Had some familiarity with Roam
  • Worked fast, but was detail-oriented
  • Had experience with research, data input, or list building
  • Was cost-effective (they're a scrappy startup)

Who did we help them hire in the Philippines?

We found a number of solid candidates for them, so they ended up hiring two folks at 20 hours per week each (Joy and James). Joy's background was in lead generation and list building which was a perfect skillset for the role. James's background was in data input, reporting, and visualization. Both spoke great English and picked things up quickly!

What was the salary?

The salary was for two part-time roles paying $500 per month each ($1000/month total). Both were fine working US hours (they had been doing this for other roles prior) at first, but the company planned to eventually let them work their own hours since it wasn't a customer-facing role.

Interested in hiring a Research analyst in the Philippines?

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