How a SaaS company hired a customer support rep in the Philippines for $1,000 per month

Landon Bennett2022-09-01

About our customer

Our customer is a SaaS company based in Atlanta, GA. They build technology to automate reporting tasks for Ad Operations teams.

The role: Customer support rep

Our customer was looking to hire a customer support rep who:

  • Spoke great english
  • Had familiarity with the support platform, Intercom
  • Had some experience with Javascript and HTML ad tags
  • Had experience using collaboration tools like Slack
  • Could work US EST work hours (8am to 5pm)

Who did we help them hire in the Philippines?

We found a number of solid candidates for them, but they ended up hiring Karr. Karr checked all the boxes for them, had a great work ethic, and was an incredibly kind person to work with. Karr had previous customer support experience and had done a number of other types of customer-facing roles. After they had a great experience with Karr, they hired four more customer support folks from the Philippines over the next couple years as they scaled the business.

What was the salary?

The salary was for a full-time role paying $1,000 per month. Karr would work 8am to 5pm during US hours (EST). This provided Karr with more than what she was making before, a more consistent paying job, and the ability to work from home with her kids. She's been with the company for four years!

Interested in hiring a customer support rep in the Philippines?

Reach out to us at Hire with Grit and we'd love to help you hire an amazing bookkeeper or accountant in the Philippines. Hire with Grit is a boutique hiring firm that matches US companies with vetted candidates in the Philippines. We're not just another recruiter or staffing company. We've been hiring people internationally for 6+ years to help build our software products. Now we want to help you find your next great remote hire in the Philippines.

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